Roadford Lake to be harmed

Roadford Lake is a rare location for West Devon, which is not so well endowed with accessible beautiful or interesting features that it can afford to allow this one to be spoiled for ever. Its rarity makes it even more valuable.

Many thousands of people visit Roadford each year. Most come simply to walk along the paths beside it and enjoy the peaceful natural environment and the beauty of the landscape. Families bring their children to get out of the house. Anglers come to spend a day on its banks. Others come to sail on the quiet water in the open countryside.

There are fewer and fewer accessible places where we can escape from noise, bustle and traffic. The pressure to build on such places or to greedily exploit them for profit will increase as our population grows. The process of environmental decay occurs gradually, piece by piece.

Roadford Lake needs to be protected from commercial exploitation that would harm its peaceful natural environment. Once this environment has been spoiled it can never be regained. It is our responsibility today to preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

To build what would look like a housing estate beside the lake would spoil its peaceful character for ever.

Why would anyone choose to build on this kind of landscape other than purely for financial profit? The public are not calling for it and there is no need for more holiday properties in the area.

In 2007 South West Water, its owners, applied to build a 100-bed timeshare village beside the lake. The application was narrowly refused by Torridge DC. In August 2008 they submitted another application to build a similar-sized development on the other side of the lake.

12 August 2008 Peninsula Properties, which is part of South West Water, have submitted a new and different application for a 98-bed development of holiday and letting accommodation. This time it will be near Lakeside visitor centre, which they now refer to as 'Lakeside Conference Centre'. See 2008 Application

28 August Broadwoodwidger Parish Council have decided to oppose the application. Their decision will be made known to Torridge DC, who will make the final decision.

Dec 4, 2008 Torridge DC have decided to allow the development, even though all the local Parish councils (Broadwoodwidger, Germansweek and Bratton Clovelly) opposed it.

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Roadford Lake Roadford Lake
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Roadford Lake
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